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International Trade Consultants
50 Years Experience In International Trade


pbullet.gif (1061 bytes) U.S. CUSTOMS REQUIREMENTS
As a licensed Customs broker, we can help you save duty by tariff engineering through suggested style changes.
We are able to reduce the need for a Customs attorney and we can work with your Customs brokers to make
them more effective. We have experience with all type of entries and Customs inquiries, including drawback, marking violations, documentation, seizures and "807" operations.

pbullet.gif (1061 bytes) INTERNATIONAL FINANCING
Our extensive experience with Letters of Credit and other financing options can suggest cost-saving purchasing
options. The Letters of Credit that we prepare for you will protect your interests and reduce the need for amendments.
pbullet.gif (1061 bytes) TRANSPORTATION
Our skills have saved firms hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in importing and exporting. We are able to
increase loadability of ocean freight containers, thus reducing freight costs. We are often able to eliminate the need
for air shipments or negotiate lower rates and we find numerous alternatives in order to reduce shipping costs.
pbullet.gif (1061 bytes) NEGOTIATIONS
We are experienced in negotiating contract that have a value of over $100 million annually. This skill is used in negotiating with factories, freight carriers, Custom brokers, warehouses and banks.
pbullet.gif (1061 bytes) SOURCING
We have a vast network to find reliable factories, deal with foreign governments, export or import restrictions, get goods inspected and even find you an agent. We have sourced apparel, electronics, housewares, accessories, and many other products.
pbullet.gif (1061 bytes) QUOTA
We will alert you to quota restrictions and help avoid embargo. If goods are caught in quota closing, we can speed up the process of getting them released when quota re-opens.
Our knowledge of logistics not only saves money, but often saves accounts. We can arrange direct shipments to customers, set up cost-effective warehouses to handle your invoicing, shipping, ticketing, and other special needs. We solve the problems that seem to have no solution.
pbullet.gif (1061 bytes) INSURANCE
We can help reduce costs significantly. Our contacts in marine insurance, property and casualty, and health, life
and accident insurance have helped save our clients large sums of money.
pbullet.gif (1061 bytes) COMPUTERS
We can analyze an existing system to help make it more efficient or we can work with your programmers and recommend appropriate hardware and software requirements.



Telephone 917-873-8994
FAX  212-595-2944
Postal address 200 West 86th St. Suite 4C New York, NY 10024

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